About Us

Our Mission

To empower young Africans with the skills and knowledge required to embrace the opportunity offered by the process of integration through cultural exchanges, critical thinking, generation of ideas and mentoring.

The YALDA I-Boot Camp aims at the following:

  • To expose the opportunity offered to young Africans through youth integration and to stimulate critical thinking and innovative ideas that go beyond conventional ways of valuing regional integration.
  • To promote youth entrepreneurship and leadership beyond the Borders
  • In order to familiarize young Africans with existing regional blocs and their levels of integration
  • To encourage young people to actively engage in the determination of national and international/political processes that are conducive to meaningful regional integration.
  • To improve youth awareness about the main challenges that prevent or hinder effective regional integration in Africa.
  • To ensure continued and expanded access to income, services, empowerment and employment opportunities for young people.
  • In order to promote constructive exchanges between African youth, promote cultural and linguistic diversity for a more integrated and prosperous Africa.
  • In order to facilitate effective partnerships with youth and youth organizations in the implementation of agenda 2063 and the regional integration of Africa
  • In order to establish a monitoring mechanism that supports young people as partners in the process of regional integration and the implementation of the Agenda 2063.