Travel Information

Visa Requirements


Except those from Algeria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Austria
Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Congo (Brazzaville), South Korea, Côte d’Ivoire, Croatia, Denmark, Spain + Andorra, Estonia, UAE, USA, Russian Federation, Finland, France + Monaco, Great Britain, Greece, Guinea, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mali, Malta, Mexico, Niger, Norway, New Zealand, Oman, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Ricoh, Qatar, Romania, Senegal, Singapore (for a period of thirty days), Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech, Tunisia, Turkey, and Venezuela who are exempted from entering into Morocco with a visa, all other countries are required to obtain a visa before entry into Morocco. However, to obtain a visiting visa, an applicant is expected to fulfil the following conditions;

  • Application for entry visa to Morocco, carefully filled in capital Latin characters.
    This form can be filled in Arabic but with the obligation to label the name, parentage and place of birth in Latin characters for reasons of technical convenience
  • 2 identity photos, coloured on white background (4 x 3 cm) recent and clearly showing facial features
  • Identity card or residency card or any document serving the same.
  • Passport still valid: The validity of the passport or travel document must exceed 90 days and in all cases greater than the duration of the stay
  • 1 photocopy of passport (pages showing identity and validity)
  • Roundtrip Ticket with fixed reservation
  • Hotel reservation, or presentation of a “Voucher”
  • Or support certificate duly legalized in case of family visit, with warranty of support for costs of medical care and possible repatriation
  • Or request from a licensed travel agent or recommendation of the Ministry of Tourism or the delegation of the Moroccan National Office of Tourism.

Source: Kingdom of Morocco, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (

N.B: Delegates are expected to consult Moroccan embassies in their respective countries for any addition information/requirements that may be applicable. YALDA would however provide support letters to the embassy indicating delegate’s participation at the i-Boot Camp.


An average visitor to Morocco always want to visit over and over again. Apart from the experience of camel trekking in the desert and seeing amazing things the country has to offer, its weather also draws global tourists. Fondly called a country with a hot sun, Morocco’s weather could be regarded as one of the most pristine which is due largely to the country’s geographical location between Europe, Asia, and Africa. The i-Boot Camp is scheduled to take place between 24th – 28th October in Rabat when the weather would average 18OC. Delegates are advised to come along with sweatshirts as it could get cold at night.


YALDA will take care of breakfast, lunch, and snacks each day of the i-Boot Camp. You will be responsible for your dinner each night.

Dietary needs

Make sure you have informed us about any special dietary needs in your application. Update us if this changes. We will do our best to accommodate you during the i-Boot Camp.

Locations + Lodging

i-Boot Camp Location: Mohammed V University, Rabat.


YALDA in collaboration with her partners will negotiate discounted rates with hotels in close proximity to the venue.

What to Wear

Anything you would feel comfortable wearing in the following situations:

  • A classroom
  • A dance-off
  • A restaurant
  • Meeting some of the coolest people, ever
  • Basically something that makes you feel comfortable and professional

Transport to i-Boot Camp

Please keep in mind that YALDA does not cover transportation to and from the i-Boot Camp.

Flying in. Most delegates who fly in arrive in Rabat on Tuesday evening or early on Wednesday morning. Registration is open from 7:00 – 8:45am on Wednesday, and the i-Boot Camp kicks off at 9am sharp.

Flying out. Plan to leave Rabat on Sunday evening of the i-Boot Camp or early on Monday. YALDA’s scheduled activities end at 5pm, so we recommend scheduling flights that take off no earlier than 8pm if you leave Sunday night.

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