To Increase Knowledge and to Up-Skill

  • Help delegates understand the African Continental Free Trade Area and its instruments to provide them much needed insight so they are able to leverage the opportunities presented by it;
  • Assist delegates understand the key challenges that hinder or impede effective implementation of the AfCFTA in order to facilitate idea generation aimed at providing tangible solutions to solving these problems;
  • Equip delegates with the necessary skills to envision cross-border opportunities in the implementation of their business/social enterprises;
  • Develop delegate’s greater understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses;
  • Give delegates the opportunity to develop mind-sets conducive to pursuing their objectives;
  • Provide delegates with an opportunity to learn about business practices in different countries in the hope that they would be able to implement their ideas using indigenous practices but with established norms; and
  • Give participants tools that will enable them to share their i-Boot Camp experiences with their fellow peers long after the i-Boot Camp.

To Generate Ideas

  • Expose youth to the opportunities available to them through capacity development and promote intra-African trade in goods and services;
  • Cultivate the willingness of young people to actively seek opportunities outside their country of origin to address challenges faced by the continent;
  • Share ideas and experiences on how to best utilise the AfCFTA to deal with a particular problem beyond current proffered solutions; and
  • Provide tools for young people to facilitate creativity and to think out of the box.

To Develop Concrete Implementation Strategies for Ideas

  • Enable young people to receive feedback from their peers and professionals on the implementation progress of their ideas;
  • Provide meaningful analysis and critique delegates business and community project plans in order for them to have ventures with the greatest possibility for success;
  • Encourage young people to think positively about their own capabilities in the development of Africa;
  • Assist in the development of tangible goals to ensure careful project or business planning that clearly articulates the critical assumptions key to the success of the initiative;
  • Facilitate the development of individual targets for each participant to track progress of idea implementation after i-Boot Camp;
  • Promote an understanding of how to track and monitor ideas of young people using online resources; and
  • Foster working groups among young people with similar interests to capitalise on different competences for implementation of their ideas.

To Expose to Resources

  • Award the best ideas with funding and other resources so the participants can implement their ideas immediately following the i-Boot Camp;
  • Introduce young entrepreneurs to potential partners that would help them enable the development of their ideas;
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer education amongst young Africans in order for them to share information on resources and tools that have worked for them in the development and implementation of their unique ideas across the African continent;
  • Allow participants the opportunity to engage with potential funders for their initiatives; and
  • Give participants access to potential technical advisors for the successful guidance and capacity building needed in the effective implementation of their initiatives.

To Network

  • Foster respect, appreciation, and a spirit of collaboration between young people of diverse backgrounds;
  • Provide a range of opportunities to build mutually beneficial relationships with peers and professionals;
  • Provide youth with opportunities to interact with people interested or invested in their specific fields of interest;
  • Provide youth with opportunities to be mentored by accomplished individuals;
  • Encourage participants to use social media to maintain relationships and networks; and
  • Employ the YALDA digital network infrastructure to promote the ideals and outcomes of the i-Boot Camp and monitor and evaluate participants’ progress in realising their objectives.