What is YALDA?

“ YALDA is a means to an end, but NOT the end itself ”  the Sun brings light and warmth to the plant, but it is up to the plant to make effective use of the sun’s light and other materials in order to grow, mature and develop its fruits; the Sun CANNOT  develop fruits for the plant!

Our Vision

YALDA envisions an international network of inspired, empowered and proactive young African leaders who hold influential decision-making positions, are running their own organizations or companies, culminating in a prosperous and developed African continent. 

Our Mission

YALDA provides a forum for youth on the African continent and those abroad with a commitment to the welfare of Africa. By networking with professionals, mentors and each other, members will increase their capacity to take on positive leadership roles in their universities, countries and on the continent. Through YALDA, members will implement their short and long-term visions for African.